Reading: Nehemiah Ch 1

Text: v 4.  I sat down and wept, in fact, for many days, I mourned, fasted, and prayed to the God of heaven.

It`s always nice to receive good news, but not so bad, and this was the case with Nehemiah. It`s easier to deal with bad news when it effects others rather than one`s self.   But we know this is not how it should be for Christians.  You may be thinking I have enough problems of my own without taking on another`s burdens.  But the Christian ideal is support for one another whatever the need.  Bear one another’s burdens so fulfilling the law of Christ, to love one another.

1:  Nehemiah was very moved to hear about his people and city, his response was to seat down and weep, to mourn, fast and to pray to  the God of heaven.  I ask myself this question, when did I last weep for the lost of our nation? The broken and the  sad.

2:  Nehemiah was moved to do something and his first step that he took was to allow others suffering to move him to weep and put himself into a state of  mourning for many days. To be concerned and burdened because of their poor and sad state. This way he could now find ways to help them.

3: Nehemiah also put himself into a fast so that he could focus on the need and how to meet it. He first prayed and asked the Lord for his help, and then prepared himself for the mission to help others.


A: He was first move to hear of their sad state of others.

B:He took it all to heart and starts to be moved to do something for them. Their problems became his, he then fasted and prayed so that he could find ways to help his people.  What could be done?

C: He first prepared his own heart by seeking the help of the God of heaven, then he prepared himself to do SOMETHING!

What is all this saying to you and I?

God bless

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