Reading: Hebrews Ch 12 vv 1 to 11.

TEXT: v10b  … so that we might share in His Holiness.


What is this holiness? Both the Hebrew and Greek put it simple A place , something or someone separated for God`s excusive use and as His child that is what I am His only or has Paul puts “ You are not your own…”

1:  The Sanctity of God’s Family

As a child of God , I am placed by faith and trust in Jesus and thereby have been adopted into the Family of God therefore I am His.

God is holy, sacred and has the right to be revered and worshipped. Now we are His children we are the only ones to do it, both in word and deed.

2:  A Member Of His Family.

Our heavenly Father has always desired something better for the whole of humanity, but sadly most have or are rejecting His offer of a renewed relationship with Him though His son Jesus Christ.  Please read John Ch 1 vv 10 to 12.

As His child, we are under His discipline not: v6.  “ Whom the Lord loves He disciplines and punishes each one He accepts as His child.”

Read 1 Peter ch 2 v9.

3:  The Plans and Purpose of His Dealing with Us.

The end results under His discipline will be to ultimately share in His Holiness.


As Christians today we are in the classroom of life and our heavenly Father is our  teacher so learn well and become a blessing both to Him and others.

Allow God to teach and train you to be just like himself.

Yours in Christ Ray

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