How we came about

The Full Gospel Church came into being under the guidance and leadership of Pastor Clifford Beasley in 1965. He and his wife, Mother and Father came to Ipswich to start a work for God.

In the same year, The Assemblies of God Home Missions sent Pastor David Powel along with Clifford and His wife, they organised meetings in the Arts Theatre in Ipswich and also some meetings were held in Claydon village hall. From these meetings a work was established and a hall was rented from the local C of E church at 692 Old Norwich Road in Whitton, this was in July of 1966.

It was in 1967 on the first anniversary of the church that the very first baptismal service was held, the first of many.

An opportunity to purchase the Hall from the local C of E was given to the members of the Fellowship, and this was done with the help of the Assemblies of God.

A Sunday School was established and grew to around 100 children who lived on the Whitton Estate, this was started and lead by Mr and Mrs Beasley Snr.

The Church grew under the ministry Clifford and His wife and new meetings were started to meet different needs. A Tuesday afternoon fellowship meeting along with Midweek Bible Study and Prayer time. Saturday night prayer meetings were also held in the Homes of the belivers.

In 1962 Oct/Nov, our first Wedding took place in the Church.

In 1972 Clifford and His family moved to the Midlands to continue their ministry there, leaving the Fellowship in growth.

From 1972 to 1976 Pastor Cooksey, wife and family came from South Africa.

From 1976 to 1982 Pastor Peter and Margaret Worthington and Family took up the pastorate. It was under His ministry that the house group started. The Church grew in number and in blessing. Under His leadership and with the help of the oversight, and extension was planned and carried out in 1982. This was opened by the Mayor of Ipswich, with the first Pastor as the speaker.

In January of 1984 Pastor Ray, Christine Eyre and Family took up the Pastorate and are still holding this position along with the present Oversight. We hope and Pray that the Lord will continue to bless us with souls and with the establishment of a strong and faithful Fellowship.

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  1. Dear Pastor & Ministry Team

    CMJ 2020 Visitation Tour to SE England – Sunday 20 September 2020 to Sunday 4 October 2020

    Good afternoon.
    My name is Mrs PohLeng Spalding and I am the deputation officer working with Mrs Rosa Blandford representing The Church’s Ministry among Jewish People (CMJ) based in Nottingham. CMJ was established in 1809 taking the ministry from East London to the heart of Jerusalem. The three fold ministry is based on Education, Evangelism and Encouragement.

    Mrs Blandford will be undertaking this visitation tour. We would like to enquire if the church will be interested to have Mrs Blandford speak at one of the meetings during this period. If it is appropriate we will be happy to preach or do a presentation on the work of the mission. If there is sufficient interest in the church we are able to conduct special focus meetings on certain subjects in the Bible or perhaps about Jewish Festivals like the Passover Meal. Mrs Blandford will also be happy to speak in small groups.
    We will be starting the tour from Suffolk and Essex and hope to be in the Kent Surrey area towards the second half of the tour.
    I hope we can be of service to your church in Autumn 2020 and we look forward to receiving your response. Thank you.

    Every blessings

    Mrs PohLeng Spalding

    Deputation officer
    mobile: 07849469323
    home office: 020 84646826

    CMJ UK
    Eagle Lodge
    Hexgreave Hall Business Park
    NG22 8LS

  2. Pastor.I.M.Dhas (superintendent )
    Assemblies of God church
    Thomas cottage
    TKM road
    Kancheepuram Dist
    South India
    Phone- 00919677373258
    Dear Brother and loving sister in Christ.. Greetings to you all in Jesus name. I am very much glad to introduce about myself. My name is Dhas and i am the president of Assemblies of god missionaries organization This is a missionary organization. Jesus said that :Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation (Mark 16:15) Our vision is to carry the gospel to unreached villages in all over in India and making church planting ministry. We are giving six month training program to the missionaries and we are sending them to our mission field where the gospel is not reached yet. I am traveling all over India and doing gospel ministry through our missionaries in remote villages in Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra, Karnataka, Tamilnad and north India where the gospel is still not yet reached . Present 60 missionaries are working with our AOGMO in sixty different places in India in very remote jungle villages and doing church planting ministry and making water well project and medical camp and supporting poor children by providing them with school uniform, books, notes and also supporting by giving small monthly support for widows and free medical hospital to every one.We are built new churches in our mission field where our missionaries are working.Please pray for us to built new churches in Hindu militancy villages. . We are also running children’s home for street , parent-less and disabled kids .Present at Orissa, Andhra, Karnataka and Tamilnad and west Bengal 100 disabled children’s are taken care of us through our shiloh children’s home orphanage center.We have adopted one hundred orphan,street and disabled kids and we are giving them free food and shelter and education .Medical,etc . We are going to start blind ,dumb and deaf children school and center..Please pray for us and help us with little donation .Our eyes are looking up towards your mercy and big heart support.,You are also welcome to provide small contribution to our orphanage during your birthday,anniversary etc.please tell about us to your relatives,friends and family.Church, We will be very very thankful to you always for your generously giving for the Lord works in India .If any one interested to visit to our Mission field and do short mission work with us in India Please contact us .You are all most welcome to India .Please pray for me and my family and all of our missionaries family and my all ministry work in India.In the month of January 25 ,26- 2021. we are going to conduct international pastor crusade for two days.I would like to invite you attend to this crusade .We are looking 1000 pastors ,missionaries will be gathering in this meeting from all over India.Your presence and teaching would be a great blessing and encourage for the missionaries and village pastors in India. we are very much eager to see you in this crusade.I am looking forward for your good reply with prayer. We are all praying for your family .Please pray for us. If any prayer needs please kindly call us above phone number.God bless your family and ministry. The blessings of the lord be with you all forever Amen Amen Amen,
    Forever in your heart with true love,
    yours brother in the service of un reached villages in India,
    Rev. I. M. Dhas

  3. Dear Brother/ Pastor

    Greetings of Love to all from India in the wonderful and most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus .

    May I be kindly permitted by you good self to introduce my self that I am Pastor. KLPMoses working for the Lord in India and preaching the Gospel where Christ is not known(Romans.15:20) with a Team of like minded Co-workers and proclaiming the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ and planting Churches in the Un-reached areas of our State of Andhra Pradesh and other Parts of India. And as the result of our Ministry, many perusing souls are coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and adding to Churches. And we do conduct Prayer Cells, healing Camps for the sick and needy and equipping the Spirit filled disciples to evangelize the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

    And Please pray for the Lord’s Ministry in India. It is a matter to regret that India still remains as one of the least Evangelized nation of the World. It is God’s plan and purpose to bring out mighty work of the Holy Spirit here in these last days. we ask you to join your Hands with us to pray fervently for a rain of the Holy Spirit to fall up on this nation so that we may reap the Harvest” BEHOLD, I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already white for the Harvest” John4:35.

    And Our Ministry runs Orphan Children Home ( for Orphans Semi-orphans, abandoned, destitute and poor and needy children. And Room and board Food, (housing –Food) as well as clothing, schooling, medical cares are provided for them. Christian orphanages have proven to be a very effective ministry. Often Orphan Children raised in the Christian Orphan Children’s Homes go on to serve Lord Jesus Christ among their own people. Who would otherwise be living on the streets and begging and stealing to survive. Please pray and be a part of our Orphan Children’s Home as Lord leads you, as we are praying for God to send prayer partners and supporters.

    There are many other Poor and needy Children in looking to get in Under Care of the Church based Orphan Children’s Home and f God allows, we are very happy to open an other one in different places where it s highly needed. Please pray for our Ministry Social activities like, Orphan Children’s Homes. Care for the poor Widow/Widower. And small relief work that we do as our resources are permitted.

    Dear Saints of the Lord, please pray for us to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Unevangelized areas and to plant many Churches amongst un-reached people groups. And also please pray for the Orphan Children’s Home, if Lord leads you to be apart our Ministry activities, kindly let us know and do as Lord prompts you. Thanking you.

    With much love from Christ to you and Prayers,

    Yours together in fulfilling His Great Commission,


    Praying for your nation and all nations. Praying and expecting God’s Miracle will take place al of a sudden concerning Corona virus Covid-19..His supernatural work will be done as many men and women of God like you are praying around the World. He know how that Corona virus came through. Praying for you all about the present Coronviursissue. And Lord Jesus Christ is capable for reversing the same and grant peace andprotectionwith good health.

  4. We greet you in the name of our Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ.
    It is wonderful to visit your web- page of your ministry and the teachings that you are sharing around the world and your Mission lead people in Biblical truth. It is my prayers and hope that you will be of helpful to our young Christian church in Kenya. Our desire is you to allow us to use your teachings to teach others here. I pray the Lord lead and open doors to you to come also minister and plant your mission in us. Pray for our people to know God always. Pray for the poor orphans and widows in our church and community.
    Please we seek the Lord in PRAYER to help you to come and teach our young church your true gospel of Jesus Christ that you are sharing to others there.
    Your cooperation will help to help others more effectively.
    May God bless you.
    Yours in Christ pastor Amos ondari.

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