How we came about

The Full Gospel Church came into being under the guidance and leadership of Pastor Clifford Beasley in 1965. He and his wife, Mother and Father came to Ipswich to start a work for God.

In the same year, The Assemblies of God Home Missions sent Pastor David Powel along with Clifford and His wife, they organised meetings in the Arts Theatre in Ipswich and also some meetings were held in Claydon village hall. From these meetings a work was established and a hall was rented from the local C of E church at 692 Old Norwich Road in Whitton, this was in July of 1966.

It was in 1967 on the first anniversary of the church that the very first baptismal service was held, the first of many.

An opportunity to purchase the Hall from the local C of E was given to the members of the Fellowship, and this was done with the help of the Assemblies of God.

A Sunday School was established and grew to around 100 children who lived on the Whitton Estate, this was started and lead by Mr and Mrs Beasley Snr.

The Church grew under the ministry Clifford and His wife and new meetings were started to meet different needs. A Tuesday afternoon fellowship meeting along with Midweek Bible Study and Prayer time. Saturday night prayer meetings were also held in the Homes of the belivers.

In 1962 Oct/Nov, our first Wedding took place in the Church.

In 1972 Clifford and His family moved to the Midlands to continue their ministry there, leaving the Fellowship in growth.

From 1972 to 1976 Pastor Cooksey, wife and family came from South Africa.

From 1976 to 1982 Pastor Peter and Margaret Worthington and Family took up the pastorate. It was under His ministry that the house group started. The Church grew in number and in blessing. Under His leadership and with the help of the oversight, and extension was planned and carried out in 1982. This was opened by the Mayor of Ipswich, with the first Pastor as the speaker.

In January of 1984 Pastor Ray, Christine Eyre and Family took up the Pastorate and are still holding this position along with the present Oversight. We hope and Pray that the Lord will continue to bless us with souls and with the establishment of a strong and faithful Fellowship.

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